Born on 24/05/1970 in Calais, France.

Lives and works in Montpellier.

 Yann Dumoget Contemporary painter


Born in France in 1970, Yann Dumoget is a traveling artist.


Often carried by a simple and striking idea, his works take various forms (changing drawings of banknotes for real money, repopulating a ghost town of scarecrows in his effigy, transforming trash containers into surprise pockets for homeless people) . In a crisis economy involving new creative strategies, these have a sobriety of realization as a constant which contrasts with the meticulousness of their preparation.


Interested in the upheavals of a globalized and digitized world, the artist begins his work with long periods of investigation which often push him to get as close as possible to the situations he is examining. Associating different disciplines, but also multiple stylistic and symbolic references, he then proceeds by telescoping, sampling, in order to achieve a poetic distancing from a social reality.


In the same logic of combination, if the artist's attention is focused on each of the stages of the creation of his works, from their conception, to their development in specific circuits which are rarely the exhibitions in "the cube white ”, it is undoubtedly in the media space that these really exist. Their nature can be understood ultimately as a singular vibration entering into resonance with the whole of a global creative landscape now operating in peer to peer.