Born in Paris in 1969

Lives and works in Catalonia.

Xavier Escribà trained first in Barcelona (Facultat de Belles Arts Sant Jordi), then in Paris at the National School of Fine Arts from which he graduated in 1998 with “unanimous congratulations from the Jury” .


After a decade spent in France and punctuated by the Prix Fénéon (Paris 2001) and the Prix Antoine Marin (Arcueil 2003), a period in New York and another decisive one in Finland, he returned to Catalonia where he has lived and worked since 2005.

Xavier Escribà - Contemporary artist

Her pictorial research qualified by the critic Maria-Lluïsa Borràs as "imaginative and original" could be said to be a continuation of the Support-surface movement. It reflects a committed work which tries to give voice to all paths in painting and to move away from discrimination or from the preconceived idea. The artist begins a dialogue with the very consistency of the painting by providing it with a body, a bark-memory fruit of a shared space-time.


For more than fifteen years Xavier Escribà has exhibited regularly in galleries, art centers, and international fairs such as Arco, Fiac, The Armory Show, Art Basel, Art Cologne, Art Geneva and Art Paris.

“The look is all in painting. I do not believe that painting is neither a material (although), nor a language (although), nor a technique (although)…


For me it is the look that makes everything possible, without prejudice and beyond styles or other aspects. I like to live and confront myself daily with the surface, but knowing that it is ephemeral and that it will not be the final.


Often I work the painting in the traditional sense of intervening over the canvas, but ultimately I feel more attracted by the fact of showing the thickness, the back of the canvas or what is beyond the field of action… Giving voice to the different facets which constitute the pictorial support and testify to the process followed. "