The gallery offers you personalized hanging simulations.


Choose one or more works from the works for sale, whatever the category (original work, limited edition, canvas print ...)


Attach a photo of the wall on which you want to place the painting .


In order to be able to simulate to scale, the photo must include a reference object with its measurements .

For this, we recommend using a sheet of A4 paper that you will post directly on the wall for the photo (Make sure the sheet appears on the wall, mark the corners in color if the sheet is the same color as the wall for example).

Take the photo facing the wall.


Fill in the form below, mentioning your name and the artworks chosen for the simulation, (and, if applicable, the measurements of the reference object of the photo if you have not used an A4 sheet). You can add any comments you consider necessary.


Receive your personalized simulation by email as soon as possible, with no commitment to purchase.

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