Born in Casablanca in 1960, Olivier Kauffmann lives in Montpellier and has worked there as a DPLG architect since 1987.

Olivier Kauffmann - Photographer - Nuance.

Olivier Kauffmann's photographic work is primarily based on the search for a spot of beautiful colors, monochrome or multicolored, which stands out on a wall.

This search for minimalism, as well as the desire to "penetrate" into the image, induce large formats.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

In second intention, we will see the subject. Mainly the sea (but not only), it is the reflection of his passion for it, passion that the artist tries to transmit if necessary.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

He also works a lot on light: considering that his photo must be interpretative of reality or abstract, we can say that in a certain way, his approach is similar to painting without really wanting it.

"I create a photo using all my know-how: urban planning and the landscape allow me to know and understand the places to be photographed, knowing the weather forecast when sailing allows me to know when to photograph, the scenography learned with Architecture inspires my framing, the computer science learned from the Mac + allows me digital development.

If the format is square, it is because I am an Architect and I only offer 2 sizes: the 50 x 50 cm gives a certain size without being small and there is not much difference up to the 75x75 cm which he can stand alone in a room or compose one of the elements of a diptych or a triptych thus reaching the very large format.


I don't have a particular message to convey, I just want to share the pleasure of walking in nature and the pleasure of creating my photos, both in shooting and digital development. I try above all to keep it simple, but I also like to deal with more complex photos. "

Artist news


French Monochrome Paper Cup 2020, organized by the French Photography Federation

Olivier Kauffmann's photo "Cala Nans à Cadaqués" is ranked 1st, out of around 1000 photos.

The photo "See Ushant, see his blood" is ranked 2nd in this same competition.


May 2020: Completion of the photographic project for the New Saint-Jean Clinic in Montpellier

In 2020, Olivier Kauffamnn was entrusted with the photographic decoration project for the headboards of the 190 rooms of the Nouvelle Clinique Saint-Jean in Montpellier. The order was placed by A + Architecture in charge of the project management, under the direction of the Cap Santé group, owner of the new building. In the end, there are 10 photos reproduced 19 times each, 3m or 5m in length, all taken from his 2018-2019 "Lumières Maritimes en Languedoc-Roussillon" collection which explores the shore from the Camargue to Cap de Creux.

2017: "Thau" from the Lagoon series , nominated by "Black Magazine"