Contemporary painter

Lives and works in Provence - France

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"Even if you abandon the Light ...

The Light will never forsake you. "



Each painter carries with him in his palette, his own light.

It is not only his particular way of illuminating his figures or of preferring marked contrasts or softer passages, it must be the essence of his painting, the style itself.

One day color is no longer necessary and black and white are required.

The duality between the two forms a point of harmony:

The chiaroscuro.


One cannot exist without the other ...


There is something humble, grandiose and painful in this fight between shadow and light.

Chiaroscuro then becomes an interior color in which matter is created.


The Truth is in the middle ground.



My painting is an experience ...

This is both internal in that it allows me to interiorize the world and external in that it allows me to integrate into the world ...


Because it changes perception, transforms places and characters.

Black and white is eminently artistic and poetic.

It opens up to all the mysteries, escapes towards the unreal, highlights the invisible ...

With the pictorial work and its play of light and shadow, all imaginations are possible ...


My research through my paintings, drawings and inks, is what we perceive with the eyes, but the gaze has its limits.

The works are born and disappear, and only their vibrations remain like a dream ...



Gérard Lucian RICARD

Main international exhibitions 1977-2020

  • Lemaire Gallery - Paris

  • Paul Ricard Foundation - Bendor

  • Artothèque - Marseille

  • Cap d'Agde Congress Center

  • Saint-Honoré Gallery - Cannes

  • Marina de Bourbon Gallery - Paris

  • Casale Gallery - Ajaccio

  • Bourbon Marina Gallery - Tokyo

  • Lenhart Gallery - San Francisco - United States

  • Riom Museum - Puy de Dôme

  • Galerie Thomas Walser - Wied in Zurich - Switzerland

  • Museum of Contemporary Art in Zurich - Switzerland

  • Agora Gallery - Marseille

  • Espace Sainte-Catherine - Aix-en-Provence Museum

  • Tour du Roy René - Museum of historical monuments of the city of Marseille

  • Blue like an Orange Gallery - Aix-en-Provence

  • Marina Gallery - Aix-en-Provence

  • Contemporary Arts Center "Le Laboratoire" - Marseille

  • Personal gallery - Los Altos - California - USA

  • Open 13 Art Gallery - Marseille

  • Caisse d'Épargne Foundation - Espace Écureuil - Marseille

  • The Grand Palais - Guest of honor at the Salon du Dessin International - Art Capital - Paris

Recent exhibitions 2012 - 2020

  • Moscow International Fair "the Manege"

  • The Saatchi Gallery - London

  • New York Art Expo - USA

  • Art Meeting Sao Paulo - Brazil

  • ARTVO - Paris

  • Salon d'Automne - Paris

  • Salon National des Beaux Arts - Le Louvre - Paris

  • "Art Cité" fair - Paris

  • Galerie Factory - Art - London & Berlin

  • Château de Bouc Bel Air - France

  • The Grand Palais - Guest of honor at the Salon du Dessin International - Art Capital - Paris

  • EMMA Gallery - Saint Raphaël - France

Public collections

Museum of Contemporary Art in Zurich - Switzerland - Sisteron Museum - France - Collection of the National Contemporary Art Fund of the Banque du Crédit Agricole - National Purchase of 8 works - Collection of the Contemporary Art Fund of the Fondation de la Caisse d'Épargne des Bouches du Rhône - Collection of the Contemporary Art Fund of the Accord Group - Sofitel Marseille

Private collections

France - Europe - United States - Switzerland - Japan

Main public auctions

Drouot rooms - Paris - Cantini room and Etude Leclere - Marseille


  • Obtained a Research Grant from the Ministry of Culture for his artistic research on the project entitled “Memoirs” as well as public subsidies from the City of Marseille, Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs, General Council, Regional Council for his Writings on Art

  • Manifestos and artistic performances

  • Founder and Director of the Contemporary Art Center "Le Laboratoire" in Marseille from 1993 to 2000

  • Collaborated in the 90s with Éric Aron, international musician, on several performance exhibition projects

  • Professor of Painting - Former Lecturer at Aix-Marseille University - Restorer of Old Paintings - Museum Copyist - Expert in Ancient and Modern Paintings

  • Main press and media publications: La Provence - Liberation - L'Oeil - Pratique des Arts - M6 - FR3 - Arte - Mosaïque FM…

  • Member of the Maison des Artistes - Member of ADAGP - Copyright - Member of the French National Center for Plastic Arts - UNESCO Headquarters