Fiorile - Contemporary painter

"All my paintings are done in Indian ink; black in essence, it is thanks to its depth, its purity and its subtleties of gray that I express my sensitivity to light and to the phenomena of nature. simplicity, it is an opening to silence and numinous.


Introduced to Chinese calligraphy almost twenty years ago, I respect the technique and the thought that animate it while expressing my creation through the concept of "free inks", which is my own. "


  • L'Auberge du cèdre, from June 25 to September 5, 2018

       Domaine de Cazeneuve, Lauret

  • L'Atelier de l'image, from July 20 to August 2, 2018, Arles

  • The Briscarts; Espace-Saint-Ravy, Montpellier

  • "China in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence"

  • "Perfume of inks", Galerie Les Halles, Castrie

  • Galerie Art-Fresque Povera, Sommières

  • "Chinese Calligraphy", with Shan Shan, Montpellier

  • Cubik Gallery, Montpellier


  • Bain de soleil, by Florence Vertanessian, 12 illustrated chronicles, L'Echo de coquillage editions

  • Los Flamencos no comen

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