Winner of the Prix Artistes d'Avenir


1st prize - 2019 edition

Growing up, he affirms his personal style towards a precision drawing which he stages in graphic compositions with a surrealist theme, where different elements merge, where text mixes with objects, where nature meets architecture, where light meets shadow, where reality gives way to dreams ...

Nathan was born in 2008 in Toulouse. From an early age, he was attracted to manual activities and quickly expressed his passion for drawing.

Sensitive and curious, he draws inspiration from his everyday environment (images, books, landscapes, works by contemporary artists, films ...) to develop his creativity, and imagine personal interpretations with originality, and sometimes even notes of 'humor.

He takes great pleasure in discovering and trying out different techniques which he will mix harmoniously and graphically, on different supports.

Oeuvres réalisées pour l'édition 2020

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