Galerie d'art contemporain en ligne à Montpellier, spécialisée dans le noir et blanc. La galerie d'art contemporain Nuance, à Montpellier est essentiellement centrée sur les oeuvres en noir et blanc, des artistes Patrice Palacio, Hadrien de Corneihan... NUANCE, galerie d'art contemporain en ligne.

Nuance is an online art gallery, specializing in Black and White.

It references French artists and artists of all nationalities, established artists or young emerging artists, using various techniques such as: oil painting, acrylic, ink, watercolor, charcoal, mixed media, photography, sculpture ...


Unlike the many online sales sites referencing a multitude of painters, paintings, canvases, reproductions, posters - these art galleries offering more a collection of decorative paintings than a selection of works -, the Nuance gallery favors quality over quantity.


Nuance offers original contemporary paintings and high-end limited edition fine art prints, from small to large format. Some artists of the gallery even offer works in the form of diptychs, triptychs (museum triptychs), or polyptychs, such as the painter Patrice Palacio.


Our hanging simulation service allows you to design a contemporary wall decoration enhancing the work of Art in your interior.


The artistic line of the gallery is not oriented towards street-art, pop-art, modern art (modern painting or multicolored modern art).


Figurative or abstract, the painted work whether it is an oil on canvas, a drawing or a hologram, is not an object in itself. It is a vector of emotion, Nuance!


Patrice Palacio - Dance - Nuance Gallery

The gallery offers original works as well as high-end limited edition fine art prints.


The gallery is aimed at individuals and businesses by offering them tailor-made tax exemption solutions.


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